Ontario Soccer League

2023 Open Cup

The 2023 season and inaugural Open Cup is underway. Best of luck to all teams!

Prize Money

1st - $5,000

2nd - $1,000

Semi-finalist - $500

1st Round

AIFC Men advance to 2nd round

2nd Round

2.AIFC Men1vs0Clarkson CometsMonday May 8 - 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
3.Union FC MJ4vs3ArtemisiumMonday May 8 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
4.Ebony Jrs3vs1Asante EliteTuesday May 9 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
5.Rustic AC0vs2Toronto CelticTuesday May 9 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
6.Caledon United FC Elite4vs1Prostars FCWednesday May 17 – 9:00pm
Caledon R3
7.Scarboro Azzurri MJ1vs0Guelph Royals PWTuesday May 16 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
8.Aurora Hearts1vs2Cavan FC MJThursday May 11 – 9:15pm
Sheppards Bush Turf
9.Toronto Skillz0vs1Olimpia TorontoTuesday May 9 – 9:00pm
L’Amoreaux #5
10.GS Vets3vs2Magic ACWednesday May 17 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
11.Downsview Rams5vs1Guelph Royals RWWednesday May 17 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
12.GTA United1vs5Mississauga CroatiaThursday May 11 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
13.Panathinaikos2vs0IFC AcademySunday May 14 – 4:00pm
St. Robs CHS
14.Burlington SC MJ0vs1Cavan FC Elite 
15.York Jets3vs0RH PARS FCWednesday May 10 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
16.FC Ukraine United4vs0Georgetown MustangsSunday May 7 – 9:00pm
Earlscourt Park
17.Scarboro Azzurri Elite4vs1USC KarpatyThursday May 18 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
18.Orangeville Athletic1vs4QPR MJFriday May 12 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
19.Woodbridge Strikers4vs2Croatia NorvalSaturday May 13 – 9:00pm
PFF Centre Indoor
20.AC Diavoli2vs3Scarborough RangersWednesday May 24 – 9:00pm
Iceland 2
21.Bradford Wolves MJ1vs7GS UnitedThursday May 18 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
22.Queens Park Rangers3vs2CTSA TamileelamThursday May 11 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
23.Bradford Wolves RW2vs3PARS FCSunday May 21 – 7:00pm
Crosby Park
24.Olympiakos SC2vs4Toronto Irish FCTuesday May 16 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
25.Lakeshore United2vs1SC Toronto EaglesFriday May 12 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
26.Caledon United FC0vs1Peterborough City REWednesday May 17 – 9:00pm
Caledon R4
27.Toronto Pamir4vs3Wisla UnitedMonday May 8 – 9:00pm
Clarkson Turf
28.Markham Lightning1vs6Hrvat St. CatharinesSunday June 4 – 3:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
29.Burlington SC RW2vs5North York AcademyMonday May 15 – 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
30.Korean Red Devils0vs1Burlington SC PWSaturday May 13 – 7:00pm
McNicoll Park
31.Vaughan Azzurri3vs0Atletico Sporting TorontoSunday May 14 – 9:00pm
Concord Thornhill Turf
32.Peterborough City MJ1vs0Distinctionz SCSaturday May 13 – 6:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre
33.Olympiacos Toronto0vs3Peniche CCMonday May 15 – 7:00pm
Ontario Soccer Centre

3rd Round

34.AIFC Men4vs2Peniche CCTuesday July 4 - 9:00pm
The Hill Academy
35.Union FC MJ4vs3Peterborough City MJWednesday June 14 - 9:00pm
Henderson Field
36.Ebony Jrs1vs2Vaughan AzzurriSaturday June 24 - 6:30pm
Meadowvale (Syntex)
37.Toronto Celtic1vs0Burlington SC PWFriday June 30 - 9:00pm
Weston Lions
38.Caledon United Elite1vs3North York AcademyMonday June 5 - 9:00pm
Caledon R3
39.Scarboro Azzurri MJ2vs7Hrvat St. CatharinesMonday June 19 - 9:00pm
LAmoreaux #1
40.Cavan FC MJ2vs1Toronto PamirTuesday June 27 - 8:30pm
Fleming PYSC East Turf
41.Olimpia Toronto6vs0Peterborough City REThursday June 29 - 9:00pm
Paramount Fine Foods Centre 2
42.GS Vets2vs1Lakeshore UnitedFriday June 30 - 9:00pm
LAmoreaux #1
43.Downsview Rams0vs4Toronto Irish FCMonday July 17 - 9:00pm
Esther Shiner #6
44.Mississauga Croatia0vs2PARS FCThursday July 13 - 9:00pm
Silver Stream Park
45.Panathinaikos2vs4Queens Park RangersTuesday July 4 - 9:00pm
St. Robs CHS
46.Cavan FC Elite1vs2GS UnitedTuesday June 13 - 9:00pm
Fleming PYSC East Turf
47.York Jets0vs4Scarborough RangersThursday June 29 - 9:00pm
Eglinton Flats 10
48.FC Ukraine United2vs4Woodbridge StrikersMonday July 3 - 8:00pm
LAmoreaux #5
49.Scarboro Azzurri Elite3vs1QPR MJWednesday September 13 - 7:00pm
McNicol Park

4th Round

50.AIFC Men vs Scarboro Azzurri Elite 
51.Union FC MJ1vs3Woodbridge StrikersMonday September 11 - 9:00pm
Henderson Field
52.Vaughan Azzurri6vs1Scarborough RangersThursday September 14 - 9:00pm
North Maple Regional Park Turf #1
53.Toronto Celtic vs GS UnitedTuesday September 19 - 9:00pm
McNicol Park
54.North York Academy5vs2Queens Park RangersTuesday August 1 - 9:00pm
York University
55.Hrvat St. Catharines2vs3PARS FCTuesday August 29 - 9:00pm
Heritage Green #5
56.Cavan FC MJ2vs3Toronto IrishFriday August 18 - 9:00pm
Fleming College
57.Olimpia Toronto vs GS VetsThursday September 28 - 9:00pm
Ontario Soccer Stadium

1/4 Finals

58.Winner 50 vs Winner 57 
59.Woodbridge Strikers vs Toronto Irish 
60.Vaughan Azzurri vs PARS FC 
61.Winner 53 vs North York Academy 


62.Winner 58 vs Winner 61 
63.Winner 59 vs Winner 60 


64.Winner 62 vs Winner 63